"Danny has been an amazing surf instructor for my daughter, Juliet.  She started surfing because she wanted to do something physical but was not drawn to typical sports.  Everything about her experience serves to validate, support and increase her self-esteem: She decides when she wants to have a lesson which means it’s her choice to not sleep in on a weekend morning.  The entire lesson is just her and Danny which allows her to have her own separate relationship with him.  The process of learning to surf reinforces life skills like perseverance and Danny is extremely positive and supportive.  His dedication and care are evident."

-Jolie J.

"Danny is a great swim instructor, who makes learning to swim fun and easy!  Not only have my children become strong swimmers, but they have truly enjoyed their time with Danny.  Danny adjusts his lessons to each child's individual needs, while creating a comfortable swim environment. He is fun and teaches with games, so my children enjoyed their time in the water.  My younger son started swim lessons with Danny at 18 months old and surf lessons in the Pacific Ocean by age 4. Danny is an incredible instructor, who I whole-heartedly recommend for children of all ages."

-Andrea M.

"Danny is an exceptional swim teacher. My boys learned how to swim under his instruction over multiple summers. As a result, they have a love of water, confidence in swimming and beautiful strokes. He is great with children and they really connect with him. He is responsible, patient, and playful. My boys only want to take lessons from Danny. He provides an excellent experience for first time swimmers. Danny is the best! We feel lucky to have met him. And You will too!"
-Cathy Brough, mom of two boys that started with Danny at ages 3 and 6.

"When Amber started swim lessons with Danny she was petrified to put her face under the water and some days would kick and scream before even getting in the water. Danny had the patience of a saint as each week he had to negotiate every minute of her lesson and it paid off!  During the summer Danny would tirelessly switch his lesson around with different games and techniques to encourage her to edge out of her comfort zone. I genuinely believe he was as thrilled as we were when Amber did her first strokes!  Great guy and awesome swim instructor!"

-Helen C.